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May 9, 2018 Faculty Senate Meeting


  1. Call to Order, Charles Walcott (Speaker) (2 min)
  2. Announcements with Q & A  Charles Van Loan   (Dean of Faculty) [slides] (15 mins)
  3. April 11 Senate Meeting Follow-up and update on the Sense-of-the-Senate Proposal, Chris Schaffer (Associate Dean of the Faculty) [slides]
  4. Continued discussion of the Social Science Review with focus on the following ideas from the Committee on Organizational Structures: (5 mins)

On the Social Science Center and Super Department Ideas: (70 mins) (slides)

Professor Kim Weeden (Sociology)
Professor Daniel Lichter (Policy Analysis and Management, Sociology)

On Health-Related Social Science Scholarship

Professor Jeff Niederdeppe (Communication)

On Having a School of Public Policy

Professor John Cawley (Policy Analysis and Management)

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Meeting Minutes



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