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Office of the Dean

May 10, 2017 Faculty Senate Meeting


  1. Call to Order & Consent Items – Speaker Alex Susskind
    1. Approval of April 12, 2017 and April 19, 2017 University Senate Meeting Minutes
  2. Faculty Matters , Dean of Faculty, Charlie Van Loan [10 min]
  3. Academic Calendar  (Discussion and Vote) [50 minutes]Rebecca Stoltzfus  (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education)Charles Van Loan (Dean of Faculty)The Report of the 2016-17 Academic Calendar CommitteeSenate Presentation (4/19)Ballot
  4. Resolution on Academic Freedom (Discussion and Vote) [ 15 minutes]Risa Lieberwitz (ILR)Revised StatementThe Resolution that Supports the Statement
  5. Resolution on Judicial Administrator Procedures (Discussion and Vote) [ 15 minutes]Richard Bensel (Government)The ResolutionSubstitute Amendment (Richard Bensel)Background: McBride A, McBride B, McBride C, Union A, Union BDaniel Marshall A, Daniel Marshall B, Daniel Marshall C

Meeting Minutes


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