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March 14, 2018 Faculty Senate Meeting

Consent Items [2 min]

Speaker Chris Schaffer

Announcements  [5 min]  [ slides     ]

Charles Van Loan (Dean of Faculty)

Consensual Relationships Policy Committee [45 min] [slides ]

Charles Van Loan (Dean of Faculty)
Anna Waywack (PhD Student, Medieval Studies)

Proposed Policy
Committee Website

Senate + Shared Governance: Open Discussion [40 min] [ slides  ]

The discussion will revolve around the focus questions below. Before and after the meeting you can anonymously post  comments on these pages. Moderator and moderating method TBA.

Focus Question 1.  How do you interpret what the University bylaws say about  educational policy oversight?
Focus Question 2. What does that oversight imply about educational programs between Cornell Tech and an Ithaca campus unit?
Focus Question 3. Why does the 2016 Work Life Survey reveal faculty  skepticism of the administration?
Focus Question 4. Do we need to revisit what Senate committees do like  the  EPC and CAPP?
Focus Question 5. Are sense-of-the-senate resolutions the best way to communicate faculty thinking?

Meeting Minutes


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