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Monday Messages


Monday Messages go to all tenured and tenure track faculty, all the emeriti, and all the academic titleholders listed here except the postdocs.


The Monday Message from the Dean of Faculty Office is a simple, low-overhead approach  to  keeping the faculty informed. We will use it for regular DoF business such as announcements that relate to university lectures and the Faculty Senate as well as classroom-related reminders that deal with semester start, semester breaks, and semester wrap-up. Events that address campus climate issues will also be highlighted. Doing this weekly obviates the need for random crisis-driven messaging.

Rules and Examples

Submitted items for inclusion can only be a sentence or two long and should be submitted at least one week in advance to Embedded in the message should be links to online resources that can used by readers who require more information. Please provide both text and links. Here is a typical Monday Message that illustrates the required format:

  1. This Cornell Health resource webpage has useful information in the event that you spot a student who is overwhelmed by end-of-semester stress.
  2. Reminder about end-of-term rules that pertain  to final exams.
  3. Messenger Lectures by Scott Aaronson on Quantum Computing : Monday (Nov 27), Tuesday (Nov 28), and Thursday (Nov 30).
  4. Tuesday, December 5:  Food Unites!, a new event for students, staff, and faculty.

Ordinary department talks and club meetings are not of interest. Events/documents that have broad audience appeal, which speak to Faculty Senate concerns, or which help the campus empathize with alternative points of view are of interest.

Advice to Those Who Want to Send an Email to all the Faculty

Suppose you have a 1-pager that describes some important event or program of interest to the faculty. In general, we will not give you permission to do a bulk e-mailing. Instead, we will ask you to (a) post the flyer on your website and (b) produce a Monday Message that has a link to that posting.

Advice to Those Who Want to Survey the Faculty

Sometimes we are asked by survey designers to send an email to the faculty that is structured like this:

  1. 2-3 paragraphs on what the survey is about.
  2. Clickable link that takes the reader to the survey.

The following approach is strongly preferred:

  1. Set up a webpage that has the 2-3 paragraphs and the clickable link.
  2. Write an item for a Monday message. It would have 1-2 sentences on the survey and a clickable link that sends the reader to the above mentioned webpage.

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