Faculty Advisory Board on Information Technologies (FABIT)

This Committee has not met in over two years.  (INACTIVE)

Name Term Ends Department
Paul Velleman, Chair 2014 ILR
David Bindel 2014 Computer Science
Peter Dear 2014 History, A&S
Richard Feldman 2015 Language Resource Center
Monica Geber 2016 Ecology & Evol. Biology, CALS
Tarleton Gillespie 2016 Communications, CALS
Jason Mezey 2014 Biological Statistics & Computational Biology, CALS
Levant Orman 2014 JGSM
Steve Robertson 2014 CHE
Andy Ruina 2015 Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, ENGR.
Jenny Sabin 2015 Architecture, AAP
Chris Way 2015 Government, A&S
Michael Webster 2014 Laboratory of Ornithology
  • Dean Krafft , University Library Administration, ex officio
  • Clare van den Blink, Director, Academic Technologies
  • Tedd Dodds, Vice President, Information Technologies, ex officio
  • Anne Kenney, University Librarian, ex officio
  • Joseph Burns , Dean of Faculty, ex officio

Last Modified: 1/14/14

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