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Resolution 96: Academic Calendar

Term 2011-2012
Senate University Faculty Senate
Status Adopted  5/9/12
Abstract Whereas the Cornell academic calendar has not undergone significant review for several decades, and…
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Title Academic Calendar
Sponsors Calendar  Committee:  Jeff Doyle, Chair, J. Adams, G. Block. L. Brown, C. Dembosky, D. DeVries, W. Fry, C. Heckman, K. Hubbell, M. Matier, L. Meyerhoff, L. Pollack, N. Raps, K. Walsh
Reviewing Committee University Faculty Committee (UFC)

Resolution History

Date Action View Details
10/27/10 Calendar Committee Formed
4/11/12 Discussion at Univ. Faculty Senate meeting of Academic Calendar – Calendar Committee
5/9/12 Resolution Presented & Adopted by University Faculty Senate
5/9/12 Referred to Provost Kent Fuchs
9/12/12 Provost Kent Fuchs Response