Resolution 82: Call for Cornell University to Create an Initiative to Develop Approaches to a Climate of Academic Integrity

Passed: September 8, 2010
Sponsor: Bruce Levitt, Education Policy Committee
Senate Discussions:

The Resolution

WHEREAS there is a consensus among national experts in the field of academic integrity that cheating is pervasive at American colleges and universities;

WHEREAS there are numerous factors that contribute to this crisis of academic dishonesty at the college level, including: the predominance of cheating in secondary schools; a lack of preparedness and familiarity with requirements of academic integrity, particularly regarding plagiarism; increased access to electronic materials and the corresponding difficulty of detecting inappropriate use of such materials; increased stress, including pressure to excel; student perceptions of unfairness in grading and academic requirements; and inconsistent handling of academic integrity violations;
WHEREAS colleges and universities that have responded to this crisis invariably determine it necessary to develop a comprehensive educational approach, addressing the multiple causal factors and involving both the
faculty/administration and students to create both formal and informal cultures of academic honesty;

WHEREAS to create a formal culture of academic honesty it is crucial to make
academic integrity an educational component of the first-year curriculum, in the classroom and/or through academic co-curricular offerings;

WHEREAS as part of an educational response to inadvertent academic
dishonesty, innovative educational responses (e.g., small, group, interactive
classes) might be utilized;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Provost in collaboration with the
University Faculty create an initiative to draw upon internal and external expertise to develop approaches to creating a climate of academic integrity on campus and to propose the steps and resources necessary to accomplish such a goal.


Term 2010-2011
Senate University Faculty Senate
Status Adopted 12/8/10
Abstract Provost Fuchs Response
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Title Create an Initiative to Develop Approaches to a Climate of Academic Integrity
Sponsors Bruce Levitt, EPC Committee
Reviewing Committee Education Policy Committee

Resolution History

Date Action View Details
12/8/10 Adopted by University Faculty Senate
12/9/10 Referred to Provost Kent Fuchs
1/26/11 Provost Kent Fuchs Response
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