Resolution 78: Concerning the Cornell Child Care Center

Passed: September 8, 2010
Sponsor: Child Care Committee – M. Casasola, S. Morgan, K. Weeden, R. Donovan, P. Enns, J. Thaler
Senate Discussions:

The Resolution

WHEREAS the Dean of the Faculty appointed an ad hoc committee to analyze the challenges facing the Cornell Child Care Center, as set forth in the resolution passed by the Faculty Senate on March 10, 2010,

WHEREAS a detailed report was prepared by the appointed ad hoc committee, shared in draft form with the University Faculty Committee on August 4, 2010, and then submitted in final form to the Dean of the Faculty on August 31, 2010,

WHEREAS a redacted version of the submitted report, omitting some confidential information, has been distributed to the Faculty Senate,

WHEREAS the report details management problems with the Cornell Child Care Center, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate recommends that the President implement the primary recommendations of the ad hoc committee, which are to

  • Give notice to Bright Horizons Family Solutions that Cornell intends to terminate its contract for service in August of 2011,
  • Develop and release a new Request for Providers by January 1, 2011,
  • Improve the quality of care in a budget-neutral manner by reducing the management costs and introducing a sliding scale for tuition,
  • Appoint a seven-member Advisory Board, chaired by a senior administrator, and consisting of four faculty (two with expertise in child development and two with expertise in management) as well as three representatives of non-academic units of the university, and
  • Enhance the University’s capacity to use the center for recruitment and retention of faculty and staff by increasing the quality of the center and by giving the Provost control over the
    allocation of a small fraction of the slots at the center.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate requests that the President indicate by November 1, 2010, through a letter to the University Faculty Committee, whether he will implement these recommendations.


Term 2010-2011
Senate University Faculty Senate
Status Adopted 9/8/10
Abstract Cornell Child Care Center Concern
Resolution File view
Attachments Child Care Committee Report – 8/31/10
Title Resolution Concerning Cornell
Sponsors Child Care Committee Members:  M. Casasola, S. Morgan, K. Weeden, R. Donovan, P. Enns, J. Thaler
Reviewing Committee UFC

Resolution History 

Date Action View Details
9/8/10 Adopted by University Faculty Senate
9/9/10 Referred to President David Skorton
11/18/10 Response from President Skorton
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