Resolution 143: The School of Public Policy Model

Passed: February 12, 2020
Sponsor: University Faculty Committee
Senate Discussions: January 2020

The Resolution

Whereas Cornell is a renowned global university with wide faculty expertise in domestic and international policy research, teaching and outreach extending across many of its academic units;

Whereas any structure designed to promote policy-related activity must make it possible for interested faculty across campus to participate without the impediment of a college boundary;

Whereas Cornell has a history creating structures that reduce the barriers to cross college cooperation;

Whereas the successful implementation of the School Model would further promote the wider mission of the CHE – “Improving Lives by Exploring and Shaping Human Connections to Natural, Social and Built Environments” – as well as the missions of other involved colleges;

Whereas the rationale for the Cross-College Policy School that is articulated in the Final Report and elsewhere suggests that such a structure has the potential to most effectively leverage faculty and resources across the university while at the same time preserving (a) excellence throughout the CHE and (b) faculty dedication to its mission;

Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate supports the development of a Cross-College School of Public Policy;


Same background as for Resolution 142.

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