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Resolution 121: Endorsing a Request to Re-brand Cornell Plantations

Term 2016-2017
Senate University Faculty Senate
Status Adopted
Abstract Whereas, In 2004, Leaders at Cornell Plantations questioned the appropriateness of the name “Cornell Plantations” and whether a different, more descriptive name was needed; and
Resolution File Resolution
Title Proposal for Endorsing a Request to Re-brand Cornell Plantations
Sponsors Jeff Doyle, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Reviewing Committee

Resolution History

Date Action View Details
9/23/16 Received from College
9/23/16 Backup material from College
9/23/16 Plantations Name Change Request
10/12/16 Adopted by University Faculty Senate
10/13/16 Forwarded to Chairman Robert Harrison  for consideration by the Board of Trustees at October 2016 BOT meeting

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