Resolution 141: Proposal regarding Emeritus/a Status eligibility for Retiring RTE Faculty

Passed: December 11, 2019
Sponsors: ad hoc RTE Committee and University Faculty Committee (UFC)
Senate Discussions:  November 13, 2019 and December 11, 2019

Resolution Concerning Emeritus/a Status for Retiring RTE Faculty Members
Sponsored by the University Faculty Committee (UFC)
November 10, 2019

Through passage of Resolution 131 (4/2/2019), the Faculty Senate made it possible for the Research-Teaching-Extension (RTE) Faculty to participate more fully in shared governance. It is important to recall the motivation for taking this step: we need an inclusive and creative academic workforce if the University is to advance its reputation in research, teaching, and extension.

Building on this, the Ad Hoc Committee on RTE Issues has forwarded to the UFC the first of what will be a sequence of recommendations for Senate consideration. It is a proposal that the following RTE titleholders be eligible for emeritus/a status upon retirement:
Senior Lecturer
Senior Research Associate
Senior Extension Associate
Professor of the Practice and Associate Professor of the Practice
Research Professor and Associate Research Professor
Clinical Professor and Associate Clinical Professor
Senior Scientist, Senior Scholar, Research Scientist, Principal Research Scientist
Librarian and Associate Librarian
Archivist and Associate Archivist

In the language of titles and and modifiers, the proposal is to extend the list of titles that can be modified by “emeritus/a” to include the above. Currently, only the titles “professor” and “associate
professor” can be so modified. The proposed process for awarding emeritus/a status to eligible RTE faculty is patterned after the process developed two years ago for professors and associate professors.  Here is a side-by-side comparison.

This resolution is strictly about the process of conferring emeritus/a status. It implies nothing about the fringe benefits associated with that status.

The Resolution1

Whereas it is important to recognize retiring RTE faculty for rendering meritorious service that to the University;
Be it resolved that these eligibility and procedural for conferring emeritus/a status be adopted and included in the Faculty Handbook.

1 Provost and Trustee approval will be required before this resolution can be enacted.

The process and eligibility text that would be added to the Faculty Handbook.

Term 2019-20
Senate University Faculty Senate
Status Adopted – December 11, 2019
The purpose of this legislation is to make it possible for Research, Teaching, and Extension (RTE) Faculty to be eligible for emeritus/a status upon retirement.  The process and eligibility text that would be added to the Faculty Handbook
Resolution File   Final resolution
Title Proposal regarding Emeritus/a Status for Retiring RTE Faculty
Sponsors University Faculty Committee,  proposed  by ad hoc RTE Committee – Presented by Dean of Faculty Charles Van Loan
Reviewing Committee UFC

Resolution History

11/6/2019 Draft proposal sent to UFC for Review
11/10/2019 Posted for Review
11/7/2019 Draft proposal discussed at University Faculty Committee
11/13/2019 Presented and discussed at Faculty Senate meeting
12/11/2019 Adopted by Faculty Senate


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