Online Senate Meeting: April 29

The Zoom URL will be emailed to Senators. Contact your Senator if you wish to join.

The audio and chat transcript will be posted online shortly thereafter and the written transcript of the audio a little bit later still.

How  Online Meetings of the Senate Work

Date and Time: Wednesday, April 29, 3:30-5:00pm

Announcements [5 min]

Discussion: Pausing Tenure Cases [ slides ] [20min]

Discussion: AFPSF Review of the   CLS Clinical Tenure Proposal  [ slides ] 25 min]

Discussion: The Reopening Committees [slides  ] [30 min]

Discussion: S20 Course Evaluations [10 min]

Powerpoint Slides

Meeting Recording (audio)

Meeting minutes 

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One thought on “Online Senate Meeting: April 29

  1. On the course-evaluations issue:

    In our department, there is strong sentiment for an explicit statement that evals from Spring 2020 should not (or need not?) be included in tenure & promotion dossiers. But we also recognized that this immediately leads to the same issue as came up in S/U grading discussion: If individuals are allowed to opt-in (e.g., if their evals came back particularly strong because they did an amazing job under the circumstances), would this lead to negative assessment of colleagues who choose not to opt-in (“What are they hiding?” “They must not have done very well.”)? To some extent, chairs’ letters on tenure dossiers could address what faculty did during this semester. But it’s not clear if that’s entirely comforting to those with concerns. Will be glad to hear from others on these issues.

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