September 8, 1999 University Faculty Senate Agenda & Meeting Minutes


  1. Call to Order by the Speaker
  2. Remarks by President Hunter R. Rawlings
  3. Remarks by Dean Cooke (Faculty Deaths, FACTA Report, Website Credits, Faculty Salary Graph, Enrollment Graphs)
  4. Discussion of Salary Issues: Provost Don Randel
  5. Approval of Minutes of the May 12 Faculty Senate Meeting
  6. Report from the Nominations and Elections Committee: Kathleen Rasmussen, Associate Dean and Secretary of the University Faculty
  7. Report on Computing and Information Sciences: Professor Terrence Fine, Chair, Committee on Academic Programs and Policies
  8. Resolution amending the Faculty Committee on Program Review: Professor Christine Olson and Professor Peter Stein
  9. Resolution Amending the Natural Sciences Research Advisory Councils: Professor Barry Carpenter (LAC Roster)
  10. Report from Bob Harris and Bob Johnson on Campus Climate Initiative (Mission Statement)
  11. Good and Welfare: Announcement from Mary Opperman and Steve Sass on the United Way Campaign; Send My Children to Cornell?


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