September 14, 2011 Faculty Senate Meeting


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Minutes from May 2011 Faculty Senate Meeting
  3. Report from Bill Fry (Dean of Faculty) (2 min)
  4. Report from Nominations and Elections Committee (Fred Gouldin) (2 min)
  5. Resolution to enable the JGSM to use the Title “Clinical Professor” – Thom Cleland (CAPP) (8 min) (vote to be taken) Proposal for Clinical Title Professor Proposal
  6. Notice/Proposal of the intention of the Veterinary College to use the title “Clinical Professor” (no vote) Enabling Legislation (6 min)
  7. Name Change for the Graduate Field of “Immunology” to “Immunology and Infectious Disease” – Thom Cleland (CAPP) (2 min)
  8. NYC Initiative: Introduced by Thom Cleland (CAPP), with a presentation by Provost Kent Fuchs (30 min)
  9. Q&A (20 min)
  10. New Departments (Thom Cleland, CAPP, with background from Senior Vice Provost Seeber) (15 min)
  11. Good and Welfare (5 min)



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