October 9, 2002 University Faculty Senate Agenda & Meeting Minutes


  • Call to Order by Speaker Howard Howland
  • Remarks by and Questions for Provost Biddy Martin
  • Remarks by Dean J. Robert Cooke
  • Approval of Minutes of the September 4, 2002 Senate Meeting
  • Report from the Nominations and Elections Committee: Charles Walcott, Associate Dean and Secretary of the University Faculty
  • Unfinished Business:
    • Divided Motion from Clinical Professor Enabling Legislation, Section VII. Committee to Investigate the Status of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty, Charles Walcott, Associate Dean and Secretary, Alan Bell, Professor, Animal Science and Chair, Professorial Titles Task Force
    • Substitute Motion: Resolution to Establish Committee to Investigate and Make Recommendations Concerning the Status of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty: UFC Members, Risa Lieberwitz, Associate Professor, Industrial and Labor Relations and Steve Shiffrin, Professor, Law (Enclosure)
  • Response to April 10, 2002 Resolution Regarding Computer Science, Provost Biddy Martin (Enclosure)
  • Art, Architecture, and Planning Discussion
    • CAPP Progress Report Concerning Architecture, Art and Planning, Jennifer Gerner, Professor, Policy Analysis and Management, Chair, CAPP (Enclosure)
    • Remarks by Senate Members from Architecture, Art, and Planning
    • Discussion
  • Good and Welfare



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