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  Cornell University

The University Faculty

Office of the Dean

October 8, 2014 Faculty Senate Meeting


  1. Call to Order – Speaker Bruce Lewenstein (2 min)
  2. *Approval of Senate Minutes of September 10, 2014 (1 min)
  3. Report on Faculty Matters – Joe Burns (15 min)
  4. Forum on International Programs & Practices – Risa Lieberwitz, ILR, UFC Member (7 min)
  5. Plans for Cornell’s Sesquicentennial (9/14-10/15) – Dean Glenn Altschuler, Continuing Ed & Summer Session (25 min)
  6. A Primer on the “New Budget Model” – Paul Streeter, Vice President for Budget & Planning (30 min)
  7. Good and Welfare (10 min)

*This matter will be brought for vote by consent unless, prior to the meeting, a Senator asks for its discussion; then time will be taken from General Good and Welfare.

Meeting Minutes