October 11, 2000 University Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda & Minutes


  1. Call to Order by Speaker Howard Howland
  2. Remarks by and Questions for Vice President Hal Craft
  3. Remarks by Dean J. Robert Cooke
  4. Approval of Minutes of the September 13, 2000 Faculty Senate Meeting
  5. Report from the Nominations and Elections Committee: Charles Walcott, Associate Dean and Secretary of the University Faculty
  6. Review of the Faculty Advisory Committee on Tenure Appointments and Resolution: Professor Francis Kallfelz and Dean Cooke, FACTA Chair (Enclosure)
  7. Ward Lab Review, Professor Persis Drell, Physics
  8. Review of Natural Sciences Research Advisory Councils (Local Advisory Committee): Professor Terence Fine, Chair, UFC Subcommittee on Review of Natural Sciences (no resolution) (LAC Report)
  9. Good and Welfare: Campus Week of Dialogue, Director Lynette Chappell-Williams, Faculty Forum on Diversity in the Classroom, Vice Provost Bob Harris (Enclosure)

Note: A written Financial Policies Committee Report on IT Infrastructure is available on the website but is not an agenda item (Enclosure).


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