November 8, 1999 University Faculty Senate Agenda & Meeting Minutes


  • Call to Order by the Speaker Howard Howland
  • Remarks by the Dean: Dean J. Robert Cooke
  • Approval of Minutes of the November 10 Meeting
  • Report from the Nominations and Elections Committee: Kathleen Rasmussen, Associate Dean and Secretary of the University Faculty
  • Substitute Resolution on the Diversity and Inclusion Statement from the Campus Climate Committee: Professor Charles Walcott. Discussants: Robert Harris and Robert Johnson, Co-Chairs, Campus Climate Committee
  • Resolution on the Final Report of the Provost’s Task Force on Computing and Information Science from the Committee on Academic Programs and Policies: Professor Terrence Fine, Chair
  • Resolution from the Educational Policy Committee on Note Taking: Professor Robert Kay
  • Resolution to Change the Composition of the Professors-at-Large Selection Committee: Professor Kathleen Rasmussen
  • Good and Welfare


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