May 14, 2008 Faculty Senate Meeting


  1. Call to Order by Speaker Steven Beer

  2. Remarks by Dean Charles Walcott (3 minutes)

  3. Report from the Nominations and Elections Committee: Brad Anton, Associate Dean and Secretary of the University Faculty (7 minutes)

3.Resolution from Educational Policy Committee on Final Examinations and Other End-of-Semester Exercises: Associate Professor David Delchamps, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Chair, EPC (20 minutes)

  1. Motion and Vote on Honorary Degrees – Discussion of Weill Cornell Medical College Proposal on Honorary Degrees: Charles Walcott, Dean of Faculty; David Hajjar, Executive Vice Provost and Dean, WCMC; Ralph Nachman, University Professor, WCMC; Jack Barchas, Chair, Department of Psychiatry, WCMC (50 minutes)

  2. Good and Welfare (10 minutes)


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