March 8, 2006 Faculty Senate Meeting


  • Call to Order by Professor Howard Howland
  • Remarks by Dean Charles Walcott
  • Approval of Minutes of the December 14, 2005 Senate Meeting
  • Report from the Nominations and Elections Committee: Cynthia Farina, Associate Dean & Secretary of the University Faculty
  • Remarks by and Questions for Provost Biddy Martin
  • Policy on Job-Related Faculty Misconduct (Provost’s Letter, Revised Policy)
  • Work Life Survey Report
  • President Skorton Transition
  • Racial Tensions & Recent Campus Incident
  • Faculty/Staff Parking & Bailey Hall Plaza
  • Report from Committee to Review Faculty Governance, Risa Lieberwitz, Associate Professor, ILR and Committee Chair
  • UFC/Faculty Senate Discussion
  • Good and Welfare

Meeting Minutes

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