February 21, 2007 Faculty Senate Meeting


  • Call to Order by Speaker Pro Tem Jeremy Rabkin
  • Remarks by Dean Charles Walcott
  • Approval of Minutes of the December 13, 2006 Senate Meeting
  • Resolution from the Committee on Academic Programs and Policies to Approve the Establishment of a new Master of Science in Legal Studies (MSLS) degree program in the Law School: Martin Hatch, Associate Professor, Music and Chair, CAPP
  • Resolution from the Educational Policy Committee to Amend “The Code of Academic Integrity”: David Delchamps, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Chair, EPC (Sec 4 Revision)
  • AFPS Report on Policy on Job-Related Faculty Misconduct (Suspension Policy): Vicki Meyers-Wallen, Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences and Chair, AFPS (also see pages 36 & 37 of Governance Report)
  • Report from University Assembly about the Review of the Campus Code of Conduct, Martin Hatch, Associate Professor, Music and Co-Chair, Codes & Judicial Committee
  • Good and Welfare

No Quorum – No Minutes



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