April 11, 2007 Faculty Senate Meeting


  • Call to Order by Speaker Pro-Tem Jeremy Rabkin
  • Approval of Minutes of the March 14, 2007 Senate Meeting
  • Report from Nominations & Elections Committee: Associate Dean and Secretary of the Faculty: Brad Anton
  • Resolution from the Committee on Academic Programs and Policies to Approve the Offering of the Masters of Engineering Degree in Systems Engineering Taught Using Distance Learning (SL MEng in SE): Martin Hatch, Associate Professor, Music and Chair, CAPP
  • Resolution Concerning Campus Code Review: Professor Abigail Cohn, Linguistics, Faculty Senator-at-Large
  • Report from Committee on Academic Freedom and Professional Status of Faculty on Job-Related Faculty Misconduct Policy (Suspension Policy): Vicki Meyers-Wallen, Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences and Chair, AFPS
  • Report on the Findings of the Teagle Foundation Working Group on the Minority Achievement Gap in Higher Education: David Harris, Professor, Sociology and Vice Provost for Social Sciences
  • Good and Welfare



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