April 17, 2019 Faculty Senate Meeting

Call-to-Order and Consent Items [5 mins] – Sam Nelson (Speaker)

Announcements [15 min] – Charles Van Loan (Dean of Faculty)

Policy 6.4 Procedures [15  mins] – Mary Opperman (Vice President, Human Resources) and
John Siliciano (Deputy Provost)

Social Science Review [30 mins] – Melissa Ferguson (Professor, Psychology),
Chris Wildeman (Professor, Policy Analysis and Management),
Mike Kotlikoff (Provost), and John Siliciano (Deputy Provost)

Discussion and Voting [15 min]

Sense-0f-the-Senate – Charles Van Loan (Dean of Faculty)
Authorizing the title Research Professor (Arts and Sciences)
Resolution on Nonacademic Staff Teaching Courses (UFC)

Combined Powerpoint Slides


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