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October 12, 2016 University Faculty Senate Agenda & Minutes

We meet in 120 Physical Sciences (see map). This room is right off the main atrium. Normally we meet at 3:30, but because of the President’s schedule we are starting 3:00pm. It is OK to arrive late.

The Faculty Senate will meet this Wednesday (Oct 12, 3:30-5:00)  in Physical Sciences 120.

Final Agenda:

3:30-3:35    Consent Items (5 minutes)

3:35-3:45    Charlie Van Loan on DoF Matters (10 Minutes)

3:45-4:05    Vice Presidents Joanne DeStefano and Ryan Lombardi will give an update on various issues that     surround campus security. (20 minutes)

4:05-4:25     Professor Jeff Doyle will present a resolution to rebrand the Cornell Plantations. Professor Christopher Dunn (Cornell Plantations Director) and Professor Alan Collmer (Plant Science) will present the pros and cons and answer questions. A vote on the resolution will follow and the result communicated to the Board of Trustees. Here is a support document from the CALS Dean and the Cornell Plantations Director as well as a more detailed rationale. This letter to the Cornell Daily Sun articulates an alternative view.  (20 minutes)

 4:25-5:00    Senior leadership from the College of Business will review all the committee work that took place last spring (35 minutes)

At least one-half of each time allocation is devoted to Q&A.

Meeting Minutes

Combined Powerpoint Slides for 10/12/16 University Faculty Senate Meeting