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The Next Meeting

There are eight Senate meetings a year and it is the job of the UFC to set the agenda. You can track the process here and it flows like this:

Before the Meeting

  1. UFC Talking Points. A week or so before each Senate meeting, the University Faculty Committee (UFC) meets to discuss and set the Senate meeting agenda. The talking points for the UFC meeting are posted.
  2. UFC Minutes. The minutes of the UFC meeting are posted.
  3. Senate Agenda. Shortly thereafter, the  tentative agenda for the Senate meeting is posted.
  4. Final Agenda.  A few days after the tentative agenda is published, it is modified (if necessary) to produce the final agenda (including links to supporting material). It is emailed to the entire faculty on the Monday before the meeting. Note: It is possible to propose agenda modifications during the Senate meeting.

After the Meeting

  1. Synopsis.The day or two after the Senate meeting, a quick synopsis is posted and emailed to each Senator. Senators and others who did not get a chance to speak can post their comments.
  2. Tentative Senate Meeting Transcript. A week or so after the Senate meeting, a tentative transcript is posted in the transcript archive  where it can be reviewed for accuracy.
  3. Resolutions. Any resolution that passes during the meeting become part of the resolution archive.
  4. Unfinished Business. Unfinished business and pending legislation is posted here.
  5. Final Senate Meeting Transcript. After the minutes are approved at the following Senate meeting, the transcript that has been posted  in the transcript archive becomes “final.”

Last Updated: November 16, 2017 at 1:34 am