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The Vision of Stephen H. Weiss

Stephen H. Weiss ’57 was the Chair of the Cornell Board of Trustees from 1989 to 1997. His leadership at Cornell, spanning four presidential transitions, was characterized by his extraordinarily high standards and intellect, a devotion to supporting the faculty and excellence in research and teaching, and a generosity of spirit that brought out the best in all who had the pleasure to work with him.  More

Cornell Chronicle (April 2008)

Steve Weiss was a passionate Cornellian.  He loved Cornell with every fibre of his being and showed it in his constant commitment to making Cornell a better university.  Steve valued above all else the teaching of undergraduate students because he had such memorable professors and classes at Cornell.  As a direct result, Steve created the teaching award program that fittingly bears his name.  It is the premier program of its kind at Cornell, honoring inspiring professors who dedicate themselves to mentoring undergraduate students.  Steve thereby continues to uphold the values that moved Ezra Cornell to found an institution where teaching is a central ethical commitment.

President Emeritus Hunter Rawlings

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