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The Nomination Process

We describe the nomination process for the Weiss awards. If you have questions please consult this FAQ or contact us directly.

Nominations  and Nominators

The call for nominations goes out in January. Students, faculty, and academic staff are asked to reply to with the names of potential candidates and (if possible) a willingness to serve as the nominator.

The nominator, typically a faculty member, is the individual who submits the dossier. A student who wishes to serve as a nominator is advised to contact the chair of the candidate’s academic unit. Because of the data-gathering work involved, the recommended arrangement is to have a departmental colleague of the nominee oversee the submission because that person can more readily tap into administrative support.

Previously declined nominations can be resubmitted, updated as appropriate.

The Dossier

The dossier consists of a single pdf file that includes a cover page that identifies  the nominee and the nominator,  a  table of contents, and the following content:

The Letters

Three separate letters from faculty with knowledge of the nominee’s skill in and outside the classroom. Letters that are put together and co-signed by groups that consist of faculty and academic support-service personnel  are acceptable.

Five separate letters from students (or former students) whom the nominee has taught or mentored as Cornell undergraduates. Letters that are put together and co-signed by groups of students are acceptable.

The nominator’s letter should be so designated and placed just after the table of contents in the dossier. Nominators are strongly encouraged to have a conversation with the nominee about their teaching so that their letter fully captures the essence of the contribution. 

The Curriculum Vitae

The nominee’s curriculum vitae should include awards for teaching and other accomplishments that relate to undergraduate education.

A List of Courses Taught

The list should include all courses taught at Cornell by the nominee during the past ten years. Course number, course title, semester taught, and approximate enrollment should be included. Courses that were c0-taught should be so indicated.

The Documentation of Teaching

The following documentation must be provided for each undergraduate course taught at Cornell by the nominee during the  past five years:

(a) Enough information to understand what the course was about and what was required of the student, e.g., weekly homework, papers, projects, portfolios, presentations,  exams, etc. Detailed syllabi, copies of key assignment write-ups are acceptable as are links to webpages that include the same.

(b) All written comments that are part of the course evaluation process must be reported.  The “cherry picking” of favorable evaluations is not  allowed. If numerical scores are part of the evaluation, then it  must be possible to get a sense of their value either through raw data or through summary statistics or both. The course evaluation response fraction must also be reported, e.g., “50/60” meaning that there were sixty students in the class and fifty submitted a course evaluation.

Dossiers must be submitted to by March 30, 2018.

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