T2E: Background Materials

From the University Bylaws…

Emeritus Professors are voting members of the University Faculty. (Article 13)

From the Faculty Handbook…

Eligibility for the Emeritus Title

Any member of the professional staff who retires after ten years in the tenured rank of university professor, professor, or associate professor and who has rendered distinguished and meritorious service to the university, may be appointed professor emeritus by the provost after recommendation by the members of the particular department and the dean of the college or school faculty to which the retiring member belonged. (See also Retirement in section 4.1.)

A professor who does not seek or is not qualified or approved for emeritus status is considered a retired academic. Emeritus status is not available for other academic titles. Professor emeritus is a continuing appointment status, inactive until a “rehire” appointment is approved. Administrative and executive service is possible within the title professor emeritus.

Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure (Criteria, Timing, Process and Appeals)

Promotion to Full Professor (Criteria and Process, Timing, Process and Appeals)

From the Code of Legislation of the Graduate School…

Graduate School Professor:

A retired member of the graduate faculty may be appointed to a five-year, renewable term as a Graduate School Professor through a strong  vote of support from the field membership. If the Graduate School Professor remains in the Ithaca or Geneva area, he or she may serve as a co-chair or a minor subject member of special committees formed during the five-year term; any restrictions that were in place during his or her membership on the graduate faculty apply as Graduate School Professor as well. Graduate School Professors who leave the Ithaca or Geneva area may serve only as minor members of special committees formed during the five year term.

Cornell Association of Professors Emeriti

What the Faculty Handbook says about CAPE  is here.

The CAPE website is the go-to place for the emeriti.

Transitioning faculty receive a  Perquisites and Priviledges  document.

Historical Policy Statements

From the Provost in 1998: Policy Statement on the Transition of Faculty to Emeritus Status

From the Dean of Faculty in 2001: University Policies for Emeritus Faculty

Human Resource Documents

Pre-retirement planning website.

There is a Cornell Retirees Association.


Number in Phased Retirement

Age at Retirement

Gender at Retirement

Age of New FacultyAppointments

Gender of New Faculty Appointments

Non-Tenure Track Issues

A 2004 report on the status of non-tenure track faculty includes recommendations associated with the emeritus title. (See especially p. 13 and pp. 17-19.)

Readings and Resources

The emeritus scene at peer institutions

Emeritus Colleges

Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education

Faculty Retirement: Best Practices for Navigating the Transition

Dignity in Retirement is not too Much to Ask

Greasing the Retirement Wheel

Understanding the Faculty Retirement (Non) Decision: Results from the Faculty Career and Retirement Survey,

Emeritus Professors Make a Case for Campuses to Tap Their Talents

Making Emeritus Matter

The Senior Professor Idea

Innovative Incentives Programs

The Emeritus Scene at Some Other Schools

Boston University
UC Davis
Johns Hopkins
U Penn
Montana State
Arizona State University


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