T2E: Committee Members

Charles Van Loan (Chair)   Professor Emeritus (Computer Science), Dean of Faculty
Mary Opperman   Vice  President for Human Resources
Sandy Dhimitri   Director of Human Resources, College of Human Ecology
Yael Levitte   Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity
Kevin Hallock   Dean,  School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Barbara Baird   Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Brian Chabot   Professor Emeritus (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
George Hudler   Professor Emeritus (Plant Science)
Judith Reppy   Professor Emerita (Science and Technology Studies)
Charles Walcott   Professor Emeritus (Neurobiology and Behavior)
Ron Ehrenberg   Professor (Industrial and Labor Relations)
Linda Nozick   Professor and Director (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Elaine Wethington   Professor (Human Development)
Cynthia Robinson   CAPE Office
Linda Croll Howell  Office of Human Resources


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