Committee on Academic Title-Holder Representation


Click here for final recommendations regarding

voting rights for research, teaching, extension faculty.


We are looking for ways to improve representation for the thousands of academic titleholders  who are distributed across the colleges. The Committee has this charge and these members.

Assembled on this background webpage is information on how titles, title modifiers, and shared governance work at Cornell. Also provided are links to a recent survey of NTT titleholders, a 2004 Senate Report, and how NTT representation is handled at peer institutions.

Our final  recommendation are based on reactions to a preliminary proposal that  we shared with the community in September.

One-Page PDF Overview of Preliminary Proposal
PPT Slide Overview of Preliminary Proposal
General Comments on the Proposal

Comments on specific aspects of the proposal:

R1 The RTE Faculty
R2 Senate Membership for RTE Faculty
R3 Senators with Department-Like Constituencies
R4 Designated Senate Seats for RTE-Faculty
R5 Post Doc Representation
R6 Creation of an “RTE-Faculty Issues” Committee
R7 RTE-Faculty Membership on Senate Committees
R8 RTE Faculty and the UFC and N&E
R9 Voting for DoF, Associate DoF, UFC, N&E, and Faculty Trustee
R10 Getting Support From All the Assemblies

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