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More on “Categories of Academics”

There are  fifteen possible authoritysubordinate pairings of concern to Policy 6.x

Post-Graduate Graduate


Staff x x x
Faculty x x x
Post-Graduate x x x
Graduate x x x
Undergraduate x x x

Each “cell” typically has  special features that need to be taken into consideration with respect to prevention, restrictions, disclosure, and sanctions.

Comments on the categories:

Staff Member

An employee of Cornell University who is not a faculty member or student or post-graduate. Staff members in this category that may have academic authority include coaches and those that work in job placement offices and  advising offices.


In general,  distinction is made between members of the University Faculty (a.k.a. the tenure track faculty) and the many other academic title-holders whose primary responsibilities include some combination of teaching, research, and extension. However, sanctions that involve the dismissal of a tenured faculty member are adjudicated through a different process.


Similar to graduate students, the academic and professional advancement for Individuals in this group is likely to depend upon the  faculty in their immediate environment.

Graduate Students

There are vast differences between the many graduate programs on campus. The academic and professional forces at work on a law student are very different from those imposed on a doctoral student in veterinary medicine or a PhD student in the humanities or a masters student in engineering. However, students in all advanced-degree programs have in common the undergraduate experience, and that signals an ability to deal with a more nuanced set of restrictions and concern

Undergraduate Students

Any student who does not have an undergraduate degree. (The University has a formal definition of students.)

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