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Rules About Posting Comments

We are interested in developing the best possible policy, so please share your insights with the Committee.

Postings are totally anonymous–your identity is hidden from the website moderators and the committee.

While we are most interested in comments related to the questions Q1-Q10, insights that are based on your own experiences may be extremely valuable.  If you choose to disclose personal experience, the comment must be totally anonymized or it will not be posted.  Submitted comments are usually posted within 24 hours. If you fail to see your submission after a day or two, it may not have been sufficiently anonymized.

Cornell takes all disclosures of sexual and related misconduct seriously.  If you choose to share your own experience in a post, or that of another one of our community members, that disclosure will be kept private to the greatest extent possible. However,  the information may be shared with the University Title IX Coordinator who is responsible for responding to reports.

If you provide your name or that of another member of our community that has been impacted by sexual or related misconduct, you may be contacted by the University Title IX Coordinator with information about your rights and options. More details online.

Specific allegations of sexual harassment, assault or bias can be reported  to the university through the Title IX Office. Alternatively, confidential resources for care and support can be found on the SHARE website.

Concerns about these posting rules can be directed to the Committee co-chairs: Van Loan  or  Waymack.

Last Updated: December 7, 2017 at 11:07 am