Reviews of Unwanted Advances, Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus, by Laura Kipnis:

New YorkerThe GuardianSlate,   NPR

Reviews of Romance in the Ivory Tower by Paul Abramson:

UCLA NewsroomTimes Higher Education,   LA Times

Reviews of Blurred Lines: Rethinking Sex, Power, and Consent on Campus by Vanessa Grigoriadis:

New Yorker,   JezebelChicago TribuneDaily Beast

Some recent articles:

  1. The AAU Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct (2015)
  2. How to End Sexual Harassment in Astronomy (Scientific American 2015)
  3. She Wanted to Do Her Research. He Wanted to Talk ‘Feelings. (New York Times 2016)
  4. Sexual harassment is rife in universities, but complaining means risking your career (The Guardian 2016)
  5. Scale of sexual abuse in UK universities likened to Savile and Catholic scandals (The Guardian 2016)
  6. Why Banning Laura Kipnis Would Betray Wellesley’s Academic Mission. (The Atlantic, March  2017)
  7. Graduate student who is subject of Title IX critic Laura Kipnis’s new book sues for defamation and invasion of privacy. (Inside Higher Education, May 2017)
  8. New study of harassment of graduate students by faculty members suggests that the problem is worse. (Inside Higher Education, July 2017)
  9. ‘Holding Space’ for Victims of Harassment (Inside Higher Education, December 2017)
  10. Sexual Harassment in the Academy: A Crowdsourced Survey   The Survey Itself
  11. Abusers and Enablers in Faculty Culture (Chronicle of Higher Education, November 2017)
  12. Dirty Old Men on the Faculty (Chronicle of Higher Education, December 2017)
  13. I Spoke Up Against My Harasser and Paid a Steep Price (Chronicle of Higher Education, December 2017)
  14. What Happens When Sex Harassment Disrupts Victims’ Careers? (Chronicle of Higher Education, December 2017)
  15. The Harassment Tax (Science, Jan 2018)
  16. The Paradox of Protecting Students (Chronicle of Higher Education, Jan 2018)
  17. Allegations of Groping, Lewd Comments and Rape: Academia’s #MeToo Moment (Wall Street Journal, Jan 2018)
  18. A Political Scientist Says #MeToo (Inside Higher Education, Jan 2018)
  19. Tracking Higher Ed’s #MeToo Moment: Updates on Sexual Assault and Harassment  (Chronicle of Higher Education, Nov 2017)
  20. There Is No Moral Relativity in Sexual Harassment (Chronicle of Higher Education, Dec 2017)
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