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Accommodations for pre-existing relationships between a faculty member and a prospective student will also be considered on a case-by-case basis, and, when possible, will lead to development of a management plan in consultation with the department chair, dean, and the Office of the Provost. Failure to comply with the required notification, removal of evaluative authority or management plan is a violation of this Policy.


When a preexisting sexual or romantic relationship between a university employee and a student is prohibited by this policy – or if a relationship not previously prohibited becomes prohibited due to a change in circumstances – the employee must both recuse himself or herself from any supervisory or academic responsibility over the student, and notify his or her supervisor, department chair or dean about the situation so that adequate alternative supervisory or evaluative arrangements can be put in place. Failure to disclose the relationship in a timely fashion will itself be considered a violation of policy.

Michigan State

Whether such amorous or sexual relationships predate the assumption of educational responsibility for the student, or arise out of the educational relationship, the faculty member, graduate teaching assistant or other employee shall immediately disclose the amorous or sexual relationship to the relevant unit administrator, who shall promptly arrange other oversight for the student.

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