Calendar Committee Members

  Rebecca Stoltzfus


  Professor (Nutritional Science) , Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
  Charles Van Loan


  Professor Emeritus (Computer Science), Dean of Faculty
  Mary Beth Grant   Dean of Students Office
  Betsy East   Associate Dean for Student Services, College of Engineering
  Marianella Casasola   Associate Professor (Human Development)
  Tom Fox   Professor (Molecular Biology and Genetics)
  Rob Thorne   Professor (Physics)
  Greg Eells   Gannett Health Services
  Cassie Dembosky   University Registrar
  Marin Clarkberg   Office of Institutional Planning and Research
  Connie Mabry   Commencement Office
  Three Reps*   Employee Assembly
  Ekarina Winarto   Graduate and Professional Student Assembly
  Akhilesh Issur   Student Assembly
  Ben Oster   Student Assembly

*Because of schedule issues that are problematic for employees, the EA has two representatives:  Imani Allen (Student and Campus Life), Gina Giambattista (Assemblies Office). They will share the single  EA seat on the Committee and vote as a unit.

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