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Calendar Committee Charge

All aspects of the academic calendar should be reviewed as specified by Senate Resolution 96. In suggesting improvements, the Committee should build upon the extensive research of the 2010 Calendar Committee. It is especially important for the Committee to address two fundamental concerns that many in the community share about the current calendar:

(1)  Breaks and Study Days. Are they optimally positioned from the standpoint of bringing out the best in our students?

(2)  Spring Semester Start. Does it make sense to start earlier in order to create more summertime employment and academic opportunities for students?

The analysis of these issues must take into consideration the effect upon faculty and employees. Proposed changes must be well reasoned and (if possible) backed up with scientific data. If Commencement Day is moved, then its impact on families and on related events such as the Convocation must be fully understood.

Broad consultation is essential. The Committee will solicit the concerns and suggestions of

Undergraduate Students (especially via the SA representatives on the Committee)

Graduate Students (especially via  the GPSA representative on the Committee)

Employees (especially via the EA representative on the Committee)

Faculty  (especially via their Senator(s))

Every Academic Dean

Every Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Every Director of Undergraduate Studies

Center for Intercultural Dialog

International Student and Scholars Office

The Commencement Office

Career Services

Gannett Health Services

The Office of Faculty Development and Diversity

Local municipalities and school districts

Ithaca College and other nearby institutions

The Committee is also charged with making a recommendation with respect to SA Resolution 46 (Creation of an Indigenous Peoples’ Day).

All modifications to the calendar must respect the economic and cultural diversity of the student population.


Last Updated: June 3, 2017 at 9:15 am

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