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Our Presidents

Here are the Programs and Addresses from every Cornell Inauguration.

The PDFs were produced by theDivision of Rare & Manuscript Collections, Carl A. Kroch Library, Cornell University.

 Andrew D. White   1865-1885  Program  Address
 Charles Kendall Adams   1885-1892  Program  Address
 Jacob Gould Shurman   1892-1920  Program  Address
 Livingston Farrand   1921-1937  Program  Address Parts 1, 2, 3, 4
 Edmund Ezra Day   1937-1949  Program  Address
 Deane Waldo Malott   1951-1963  Program  Address
  James A. Perkins   1963-1969  Program  Address
  Dale R. Corson   1969-1977  Program  Address
  Frank H.T. Rhodes   1977-1995  Program  Address
  Hunter R. Rawlings III  1995-2003  Program  Address
 Jeffrey S. Lehman  2003-2005  Program  Address
  David J. Skorton  2006-2015  Program  Address
 Elizabeth Garrett  2015-2016  Program  Address

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