Former Faculty Trustees

2014-2018 Mariana Wolfner Arts and Sciences
2012-2016 Barbara Baird Arts and Sciences
2010-2014 Nelson Hairston Arts and Sciences
2008-2012 Rosemary Avery Human Ecology
2006-2010 Ron Ehrenberg Industrial and Labor Relations
2004-2008 Kathleen Rasmussen Nutritional Sciences
2002-2006 Elizabeth Earle Agriculture and Life Sciences
2000-2004 Peter Stein Arts and Sciences
1998-2002 William Fry Agriculture and Life Sciences
1996-2000 Kay Obendorf Human Ecology
1994-1998 Richard Schuler Engineering
1992-1996 Joseph Calvo Biochemistry
1990-1994 Isaac Kramnick Arts and Sciences
1988-1992 Jennie Farly Industrial and Labor Relations
1986-1992 J. Robert Cooke Agriculture and Life Sciences
1984-1988 Mary Beth Norton Arts and Sciences
1982-1986 Howard Evans Anatomy
1981-1985 Walter Lynn Engineering
1980-1984 Dan Sisler Agriculture and Life Sciences
1979-1983 Karen Brazell Arts and Sciences
1977-1981 Don Holcomb Arts and Sciences


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