The Kendall S. Carpenter Advising Award


The nomination processes associated with the Weiss Teaching Awards and the recently established Provost Award for Teaching Excellence in Graduate and Professional Degree Programs have been paused because of the pandemic. The situation will be reviewed in the summer. Dossiers that have already been received will automatically become part of the pool once the nomination processes are reactivated with the understanding that they can be augmented with additional supporting materials. The same comments apply to the Carpenter Advising Award. It is fully expected that there will be heroic examples of teaching and advising during the Spring 2020 semester. Achievements of this sort need to be called out and highlighted in future nominations as appropriate.

In recognition of the importance of undergraduate advising and to honor his own extraordinary advisor, a professor of business management at Cornell from 1954 until his untimely death at the age of 50 in 1967, Stephen Ashley, A&S ’62, Johnson School ’64, and member of the Board of Trustees, has established the Kendall S. Carpenter Memorial Advising Awards. The Carpenter Award recognizes the sustained and distinguished contributions of professorial faculty and senior lecturers to undergraduate advising, and nominations are solicited annually from all members of the academic community. Nominees must be active contributors to college teaching and to their scholarly field, as appropriate to their appointments, and not have previously won the award.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education oversees the nomination and selection process.  The 2020 Call for Nominations letter explains the nomination process; nomination dossiers are due to the faculty member’s college associate dean/deputy dean by March 6, 2020.  Past recipients of the award are listed below.

2019 Jean Hunter Biological and Environmental Engineering
Todd Schmit Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
Jamie Vanucchi Landscape Architecture
Maren Vitousek Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
2018 Abigail Cohn Linguistics
Jamila Michener Government
Linda Nicholson Molecular Biology and Genetics
Christopher Umbach Material Science and Engineering
2017 Austin Bunn Performing and Media Arts
Ella Diaz Latino Studies Program
Michael Goldstein Psychology
Irby Lovette Lab of Ornithology
2016 Sahara Byrne Communication
Daisy Fan Computer Science
Maria Christina Garcia History
James Lassoie Natural Resources
2015 Barbara Bedford Natural Resources
Neema Kudva City and Regional Planning
Kelly Liu Molecular Biology and Genetics
Barbara Strupp Nutritional Sciences
2014 Jack Little Applied Economics and Management
Anita Racine Fiber Science and Apparel Design
Wolfgang Sachse Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Julia Thom-Levy Physics
2013 Sam Beck CHE Urban Semester Program
Nelson Hairston Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Alicia Orta-Ramiriz Food Science
Thomas Ruttledge Chemistry and Chemical Biology
2012 Kathy Berggren Communication
Kate Bronfenbrenner ILR-Extension
Debbie Cherney Animal Science
Mariana Wolfner Molecular Biology and Genetics
2011 Kora Battig Von Wittelsbach Romance Studies
Antonio Dittommaso Crop and Soil Science
Michel Louge Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Mark Wysocki Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
2010 Sherm Cochrane History
Lisa Nishii ILR-Human Resouce Studies
Christine Schelhas-Miller Human Development
Michael Walter Biological and Environmental Engineering
2009 Eric Alani Molecular Biology and Genetics
Marianella Casasola Human Development
David Delchamps Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lillian Lee Computer Science
2008 Garrick Blalock Applied Economics and Management
Paulette Clancy Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
David Deitcher Neurology and Behavior
Elaine Weathington Human Development
2007 Rosemary Avery Policy Analysis and Management
John Belina Electrical and Computer Engineering
R. Laurence Moore History
John Weiss History
2006 James Bartsch Biological and Environmental Engineering
Wayne Harbert Linguistics
Yufen Lee Mehta Asian Studies
Cindy Van Es Applied and Economics Management
2005 Janice Brown Food Science
Gary Evans Design and Environmental Analysis
Mary Katzenstein Government
Mary Sanselone Civil and Environmental Engineering
2004 Carol Bisogni Nutritional Sciences
William Goldsmith City and Regional Planning
Skip Hintz Animal Science
Alan Mathios Policy Analysis and Management
2003 Charles Brittain Classics
Marshall Cohen Mathematics
Brian Earle Communication
Dale Grossman Applied Economics and Management
2002 Glenn Altschuler American Studies
Graeme Bailey Computer Science
Cindy Hazan Human Development
Carol McFadden Undergraduate Biology Program

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