The Nomination Process

The nomination dossier that is to be submitted must  be  a single pdf file with content ordered  as follows:

  1. Cover sheet. It should include the name of the nominee and a link to their university webpage.
  2. Two or more letters from faculty.  One of the letters must be from the director of the relevant degree program. That individual will  be treated as the nominator. The inclusion of a support letter from a  member of the staff is optional. A letter  does not have to be longer than one page to be effective.
  3. Five or more  letters from students (or former students) Each letter writer  should have been taught or advised as a graduate or professional degree student at Cornell. Student letters can be co-signed by individuals who agree with the sentiments expressed, It is the nominator’s responsibility to solicit and collect the student letters. A letter does not have to be longer than one or two paragraphs to be effective.
  4. The nominee’s curriculum vitae. It should  include awards for teaching and other accomplishments that relate to graduate and professional education and research. It is acceptable to provide a link to the CV if it is online.
  5. A list of all courses and seminars taught at Cornell  during (at least) the past five years. Course number, course title, semester taught, and approximate enrollment should be included. Courses that were c0-taught should be so indicated.
  6. Course-related  documentation. A summary of course evaluation data for each  course taught numbered 5000 or above during the past five years is expected. The courses that are fundamental to the nomination need to be briefly described in terms of content, how they are taught, what they require of the student, and how they connect to the mission of one or more advanced degree programs. It  is acceptable, indeed recommended, that  the nominee provide this information to the nominator. It is also acceptable  to have links to course webpages that provide necessary information.

Previously declined nominations can be resubmitted, updated as appropriate.

If you have questions please consult this FAQ or contact us directly

Dossiers must be submitted to by April 7, 2020. Dossiers too large to send as email attachments should be sent via the Cornell dropbox to Jill Short at

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