F20 Guide for Instructors

In general, this directory of  instruction-related policies and resources  from the Faculty Handbook is still relevant to F20 . However, because of the pandemic and the behavioral compact, some additions, clarifications, and modifications are necessary.  That is what this webpage is all about; it complements the academic policies section of  the University’s covid-19 website.

This F20 Checklist identifies things to think about and do before the first day of class (9/2).

The Behavioral Compact: Cornell Health Recommendations

What Students May Already Know and Think
On Talking to Students About the Compact
Setting Classroom Expectations
When a Student is Noncompliant

Scheduling and Enrollment

Calendar and Exam Policies
Course Offerings
Course Times and Modality
The Latest Enrollment Guide

Effective Online Teaching Practices

Professor Roby’s Guide Based on S20 Experiences
CTI Resources

Academic Integrity

The Code Itself
The Essential Guide to Academic Integrity
Talking to Students about AI
Clarity with Respect to Allowable Collaboration and Resource Access
Dealing with Internet Services

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