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4/11 Senate Meeting Follow-Up

Please leave a comment below that reflects any concerns you might have on the report on Organizational Structures in the Social Sciences at Cornell.

We ask that  you include your name and indicate if you serve as a Senator in your comment.

The University Faculty Committee will use these comments and the questions and comments from the April 11 Senate meeting to craft sense of the Senate statement that will be debated and voted upon at the May Senate meeting.

Last Updated: April 19, 2018 at 5:15 am


  1. My unit is concerned that we not rush into a further reorganization. We all agree that the reorganization that created the business school was enacted abruptly, and as a result failed to think through important academic questions, and indeed even created some new issues that might have been avoidable with better planning. To avoid a repeat, the proposed merger needs to be fleshed out into a comprehensive merger proposal that could be shared with the Senate and the community *before* any decision to enact it. This would provide an opportunity for discussion and improvements. Yes, such a process might lead to a decision not to move forward, but the public comment opportunity would surely improve the outcome, whatever we ultimately decide to do.

  2. I think that some technique for increasing communication among all the Social Sciences would be very positive. Maybe something like a Division of the Social Sciences with a Director and an executive committee drawn from all the various social sciences Depts. Then that could be followed by a listing of all the Social Sciences faculty with their home Depts so that, to the outside world it would show our strength in this area. The Executive Committee would be involved in helping recruitment and the coordination of courses. This scheme would not involve merging anything, simply improving cross dept communication and presenting a unified view of the Social Sciences to the outside world.

  3. As was made quite clear at the last Senate meeting, ILR faculty are overwhelmingly opposed to the proposed ILR-CHE merger. CHE faculty seemingly are not as passionate about this, but there is also no indication of active support. I do not think it necessary to re-hash all of the critiques that were eloquently articulated by my colleagues. It it worth mentioning that the administration/Organizational Structures committee has said nothing to rebut any of the pretty damning criticism they’ve received. We still have no idea what problem they are trying to address! I hope the Senate will make a strong statement in opposition to the merger.

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