Research Advisory Committee


This table is a list of the members of the Research Advisory Committee, along with the abbreviation of the name of the college they belong to and the year that they are appointed through.

Research Advisory Committee

Member Name:


Appointed through:

vacant (Chair)
Olena Vatamaniuk CALS 2021
Mariana Wolfner CAS 2020
Patrick Reed COE 2020
Christopher Batten COE 2020
Chris Hernandez COE 2021
Renata Ivanek CVM 2022
Cedric Feschotte CALS 2022
Kyle Lancaster CAS 2022
Sylvia Lee CAS 2022
Peng Chen CAS 2020
Hadas Kress-Gazit COE 2020
Chris Wildeman CHE 2020
Vice Provost for Research Ex officio
Mary-Margaret Klempa Ex officio
Kim Holloway Ex officio
Carmel Lee Ex officio
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