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Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is responsible for reviewing all University research and teaching activities conducted by faculty, staff, students, and/or visiting scientists on Cornell Property that involve the use of biohazardous materials (regulated animal and plant pathogens, biological toxins, and recombinant DNA molecules).  (More)

      Colin Parrish  (Co-Chair) VET 2020
      Esther Angert (Co-Chair) CALS 2020
      Georg Jander CALS 2020
      Bryan Swingle CALS 2019
      Ping Wang CALS 2020
      Gary Whittaker VET 2019
      Julia Felippe VET 2019
      Vacant Community Member
      Cathy Moseley Moore Community Member 2020
      Vice Provost for Research Ex officio, non-voting
      Manager, CALS Greenhouses Ex officio, non-voting
      Biological Safety Officer Ex offico, voting
      Biosafety Engineer Ex offico, voting
      Physician, M.D. Ex offico, voting
      Veterinarian Ex officio, voting
      Senior Biosafety Specialist Ex officio, voting alternate
      Agricultural Veterinarian Ex officio, voting alternate
      Biosafety Specialist Ex officio, voting alternate
      Nurse Practitioner Supervisor Ex officio, voting alternate

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