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This month’s Senate meeting will be held 3:30-5:00 on September 20 in the Statler Ballroom. In advance of that the UFC develops an agenda. We welcome comments and suggestions. Please share your thoughts  below.

To be considered at the next UFC Meeting

  1. Policy on Political Activity. Here is a proposed policy that concerns political activity on campus. (Go to page 6.) It will be taken up by the Trustees in October and the faculty need to weigh in. This document compares the essence of this  2017 proposal with what the Trustees adopted in 1970 and which was echoed by the administration in 2008. Vice President for University  Relations Joel Malina would like to speak for a few minutes about this.
  2. Need a process for updating the faculty handbook. A working draft has been performed on the current faculty handbook to make it easier to use. The work over the summer has basically been a cut and paste job. Broken links have been fixed. Links have been added to various policies that are maintained by other offices. Most of the chapters are in good shape. Others require work  that will need careful faculty oversight. How do we do it?
  3. Need a process for working with graduate students on the follow-up to GPSA 14. This is the resolution on consensual relationships between supervisors and students. The GPSA sees the current policy as too weak and wants a senate response. A webpage with resources has been set up that can be used by whatever committee (existing or new) takes this on.
  4. New Emeritus Policy Sent to CAPP and AFPF. Just a heads up.
  5. New Academic Calendar Implementation. Update.
  6. The free speech climate on campus. How is it and what should faculty do about it?
  7. Follow-up activity relating to the senate resolution on reliable knowledge. Discuss the idea of having a presidential task force.

UFC Meeting Minutes

Senate Meeting Agenda

Senate Meeting Synopsis



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