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This month’s Senate meeting will be held 3:30-5:00 on September 20 in the Statler Ballroom. In advance of that the UFC develops an agenda. We welcome comments and suggestions. Please share your thoughts  below.

To be considered at the next UFC Meeting

  1. Policy on Political Activity. Here is a proposed policy that concerns political activity on campus. (Go to page 6.) It will be taken up by the Trustees in October and the faculty need to weigh in. This document compares the essence of this  2017 proposal with what the Trustees adopted in 1970 and which was echoed by the administration in 2008. Vice President for University  Relations Joel Malina would like to speak for a few minutes about this. Dianne Miller, Director of Federal Government Relations will be joining.
  2. Need a process for updating the faculty handbook. A working draft has been performed on the current faculty handbook to make it easier to use. The work over the summer has basically been a cut and paste job. Broken links have been fixed. Links have been added to various policies that are maintained by other offices. Most of the chapters are in good shape. Others require work (tenure process/appeals)  that will need careful faculty oversight. How do we do it? Will discuss a possibility that involves the UFC.
  3. Need a process for working with graduate students on the follow-up to GPSA 14. This is the resolution on consensual relationships between supervisors and students. The GPSA sees the current policy as too weak and wants a senate response. A webpage with resources has been set up that can be used by whatever committee takes this on. A plan for setting up this committee and the approval “end game” will be discussed.
  4. 2016 Work-Life survey. What sort of additional detail would you like to see beyond this? For example, results can be displayed by college, gender, rank, etc.
  5. Reliable Knowledge. Follow-up activity relating to the senate resolution on reliable knowledge. Discuss the idea of having a presidential task force.
  6. Update:  New Emeritus Policy Sent to CAPP and AFPF.
  7. Update: New Academic Calendar Implementation.
  8. Update: UFC/Senator at Large Elections
  9. Open discussion. The free speech climate on campus. How is it and what should faculty do about it?

UFC Meeting Minutes

There is broad support for the new policy on political activity. Some fundamental questions arose about what  faculty can and cannot display in their offices. Also, would like more clarity on just what constitutes a “university resource.”.

There is agreement that Institutional Planning should expand the  tables in the preliminary report so that they show how the responses correlate with race, gender, age, rank, college, etc. Information about who did NOT respond to the survey would also be useful.

Updates concerning the new going-emeritus process and on efforts associated with the new calendar roll-out were well received,

Everybody on board with an election to formalize UFC membership, N&E  membership, and senator-at-large membership, although some vacancies. remain.

Broad support for a plan to develop a new policy on consensual relationships between students and faculty. (a) The committee should be given its charge by the president, (b) The goal should be the production of s formal policy like 6.4. (c) The committee should have balance between faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students and it should have representation from the University Counsel Office, the Title IX Office, the Office of Human Resources, and the Graduate School. (d) The doings of the committee should be totally transparent and there should be adequate periods of public comment before anything is recommended.

There should be a graduate student presentation at the September Senate meeting.

Faculty Handbook Project. The issue concerns the chapter that deals with promotions and appeals associate with tenure track positions. It is recommended that a small group of be charged with identifying  inconsistencies and ambiguities. Changes would be proposed and then  vetted in the Senate. The process would proceed topic-by-topic over the coming year  with full transparency and  broad input.

On the issue of forming a group  that oversees various reliable knowledge initiatives, there was agreement that it is particularly important that its work address off-campus misconceptions.

Senate Meeting Agenda

Selection of Speaker (C. Van Loan)  [1 min]

Call to Order  (C. Walcott)   [1 min]

Remarks and Q&A with President Pollack   [25 min]

Guidelines for Political Campaign Activity on Campus (Vice President J. Malina)  [15 min]

Proposed policy
Comparison with policies from 1970 and 2008.

A Proposed New Process for Awarding Emeritus/a Status  (C. Van Loan)  [15 min]

Posted Legislation

Towards an Improved Faculty-Student Consensual Relationships Policy

Graduate Student Perspective  (A. Waymack )  [15 minutes]
Proposed Process (C. Van Loan)  [10 minutes]

Announcements and Short Topics  (C. Van Loan)   [as time permits]

New calendar, faculty handbook project, 2016 Work-Life Survey, Elections


Senate Meeting Synopsis



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  1. Very nice

  2. very nice.

  3. A comment on the proposed policy on political campaign activity, regarding the following language in Section 5:

    “5. University space and facilities may be made available to recognized independent student organizations on an impartial basis for political candidates and activities such as meetings, speeches, rallies, and other appropriate activities. All such uses must be processed through the regular and established university channels using the Event Registration Form, and will be considered on the same basis as all other requests for use of university facilities.”

    The way this is written, it could be construed to mean outside space on campus. As provided in the Campus Code of Conduct, no permit is needed for use of outside space for rallies, demonstrations, etc. This would mean that Cornell-related organizations are not required to fill out an Event Registration Form for outside speeches, rallies, etc.

  4. yesterday the UA resolved to ask the Codes and Judicial Conduct Comm to consider an amendment to the Campus Code of conduct regarding hate speech. The Faculty Senate is one of the assemblies represented on that Codes and Judicial Conduct Comm. Should we not discuss what the position of the Senate should be regarding the hate speech-free speech relationship?

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