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UFC Agenda | UFC Minutes | Senate Agenda | Senate Synopsis

UFC  Meeting Agenda

Concerns about the Indigenous Peoples’ Day resolution.

The Central Syllabi Project

Review of Blackboard and Alternatives

Discussion about political bias–possible faculty forum?

Possible renewable energy resolution.

A new budget model issue associated with summer session teaching in CALS.

Creating a stand-up-for-truth initiative.



UFC  Meeting Minutes

New budget model idiosyncrasies were discussed. Will try to pull together enough examples to have an informative senate discussion, but not this time.

Will ask the EPC to look at the uniform laptop resolution that came out of the S.A.

Thought that it would be good to have VP Joel Malina speak about the Washington scene.

Approved agenda slots for discussion of  the syllabus project and the review-of-black Blackboard project.

Discussed how Indigenous Peoples Day might be highlighted on the calendar.

Senate  Meeting Agenda

[5 minutes] DoF Matters

– the Academic Calendar Committee endgame

– the  ideologocal diversity of the faculty, a resolution that did not pass the Student Assembly, Cornell Sun article

– the uniform laptop policy, a resolution that passed the Student Assembly. Cornell Sun article.

– the upcoming University Faculty elections

– the April Senate meeting.

[15 minutes] Upcoming review of Blackboard and comparable systems. Professor Julia Thom-Levy (Provost Fellow for Pedagogical Innovation) [Slides]

[15 minutes] The central syllabus project. Professor Rebecca Stoltzfus  (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education) [Slides]

[10 minutes] Cornell Leadership in Honesty and Reliable Knowledge, Professor Stephen Ellner (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) [ Slides]

[20 minutes] Q&A  with  Joel Malina  (Vice President for University Relations) on relations with the federal government

[10 minutes]  Discussion and vote on the Environment and Sustainability Major, Professor Ted O’Donoghue  (Senior Associate Dean, Arts and Sciences) [Slides]

[10 minutes]  Discussion and vote on the Indigenous Peoples’ Day Resolution, Professor Charles Van Loan (Dean of Faculty) [Slides]

[5 minutes]  An update on where we are with the Social Sciences Review , Professor Ted O’Donoghue  (Senior Associate Dean, Arts and Sciences) [Slides]

Senate Meeting Synopsis

The new major Environment and Sustainability was approved (Yes=56, No=1, Abstain=2) .

The Indigenous Peoples’ Day Resolution was also approved (Yes=36, No=8, Abstain=12). Concerns were voiced that it would set a precedent to have  other special designations on the calendar.

A systematic faculty-based review of Blackboard and alternative course management systems has been launched. Concerns were  raised about the overhead associated with learning a new system.

The Central Syllabi project is also moving forward. There were questions about additional workload on faculty and staff and about the possible downsides of having a searchable database of course syllabi. Will it make it harder to launch new courses? What will be the effect on how students “shop around” and “browse” for courses?

A resolution on Cornell Leadership in Honesty and Reliable Knowledge was presented for a vote at the April Senate meeting.

Vice President for University Relations Joel Malina discussed what his office can do for faculty who have policy-related interactions with Congress and various federal agencies.  Advocating for the university requires a sustained effort and faculty should not hesitate to contact University Relations for assistance in this regard, e.g., where  to target an  op-ed piece or  who to meet with in the government on  this or that issue. Conversely, faculty should keep University Relations informed should they spot something  happening in their corner of academia that deserves broad attention.

The Provost’s review of the social sciences is progressing. The next stage involves external reviewers.

The Uniform Laptop Resolution is being reviewed by the EPC.

Faculty are urged to participate in the academic calendar survey .

The April Senate Meeting will be held on April 19, one week later than originally planned. This will make it possible for President Pollack to attend part of  the meeting and to stay for an informal reception with Senators afterwards.

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