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UFC  Meeting Agenda (1/29)

The UFC is a 9-member committee. With 3 continuing into next year, we have to  work to get a good slate for the March election.

Confirm that the UFC will sponsor an Indigenous Peoples Day resolution.

How  should we structure a presentation by faculty in Arts and Sciences who are involved in the curriculum reform movement?



UFC Meeting Minutes

It was agreed that the Senate should be kept informed about various curriculum review activity in Arts and Sciences insofar as it touches the other colleges through things like the Freshman Writing Seminar and liberal arts electives.

There was discussion about the ongoing impact of the immigration ban. The next Senate meeting should be used (in part) to get a university-wide sense about what is happening on campus.

Senate Meeting Agenda – February 8, 2017 – 3:30-5:00PM – Klarman Auditorium

Announcements including  the proposed Environment and Sustainability Major. [10 Minutes]

Update on curriculum review in Arts and Sciences followed by an informal discussion about how various proposals and ideas might affect the other colleges. Moderated  by Dean of Faculty Charles Van Loan. We will be joined by several faculty members from Arts and Sciences who have been involved with the issues during the past year. [40 minutes]

There will be a discussion about the immigration executive order and its current and future impact on the university  We will be joined by President Hunter Rawlings and Provost Michael Kotlikoff. An Updates and Resource webpage is being maintained by Global Cornell. Relevant to the topic is the sanctuary campus resolution that was passed December 2016. [40 minutes]


Senate  Meeting Synopsis


There are two pending legislation items that will be voted upon at the March meeting:

A new cross-college major: Environment and Sustainability

Resolution to acknowledge Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the academic calendar.

Discussion about curriculum review in Arts and Sciences and its connection to the other colleges. There has been a flurry of reports and forums related to this topic. A lot of the dialog revolved around the Freshman Writing Seminars and the new role that some of them may play should foundational courses become part of the landscape. Concern that we are losing sight of  the “writing mission”  with all the attention on content. Debate over whether the current list of distribution categories is working. A proposal from Arts and Sciences is expected in about a month.

Discussion about developments in Washington and what we should be doing about it. There were concerns about how we can follow what is going on. President Rawlings mentioned the AAU website.  Provost Kotlikoff the Global Cornell website which is tracking immigration-related issues. Various research-related alarms were raised about the freedom to collect and access data. (Climate change data, inequality-in-schools data, gun violence data, etc.) Anything can happen to any agency, but the NEH and NEA seem particularly vulnerable. On immigration, reassurances were given in response  to concerns raised about DACA (admissions and current students) , the sanctuary campus, and the CUPD.  Agreement that the faculty need to be proactive and engaged in the national debate. The DoF Office will work to facilitate this.

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