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UFC Agenda | UFC Minutes | Senate Agenda | Senate Synopsis

UFC  Meeting Agenda

UFC  Meeting Minutes

Senate  Meeting Agenda

DoF MATTERS [10 minutes]

Charlie Van Loan, Dean of Faculty

Financial Aid [25 minutes]

Barb Knuth, Senior Vice Provost

Summary Report for the Faculty Senate, Admissions and Financial Aid Working Group

Resolution on Academic Freedom [ 15 minutes]

Risa Lieberwitz, ILR

The Statement, The Resolution that Supports the Statement

Resolution on Judicial Administrator Procedures [ 10 minutes]

Richard Bensel, Government

The Resolution

Budget Model Incentives and Disincentives [25 minutes]


Paul Streeter, Division of Budget and Planning

Mike Kotlikoff, Provost

Senate Meeting Synopsis

Check out the Cornell Sun’s coverage of the meeting.

Barb Knuth talked about the work of the Admissions and Financial Aid Working Group. Risa Lieberwitz presented a resolution on academic freedom. Motivated by the Mc Bride case, Richard Bensel presented a resolution that would make it possible to have JA-hearings open to the public if the accused so wishes. It was suggested by the Chair of the University Hearing Board that the resolution is unnecessary. Paul Streeter explained how and why certain allocation formulas that are part of the budgeting process are “frozen”  on 2014 data. That being so, there is neither an incentive or disincentive to teach students outside of your college. However, the budget is to be unfrozen in the near future and we have to understand the ramifications  of that.


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