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UFC Talking Points for Oct 3 Agenda-Setting Meeting

  1. College of Business presentation. (9/27)
  2. Resolution to rebrand the Cornell Plantations (9/27)

The Resolution Itself

Support document from CALS Dean Kathryn Boor and Plantations Director Christopher Dunn

Detailed Rational

3. Updates on SA Resolution 57 and GPSA Resolution 7 (9/27)

4. Heads Up: Smoke Free Campus Initiative (9/27)

5. Calendar Committee Charge  (9/27)

UFC Oct 3 Meeting Minutes

Heads Up:

Faculty Work Life Survey is to be released this week.

SA Resolution 57 and GPSA Resolution 7 are being considered by the Committee on Academic Freedom and Professional Status of the Faculty.

There is a movement to create a smoke-free campus. Presentations have been made at the several Assemblies

Calendar Committee

It has been formed. The plan for shared governance was discussed and approved. High points include (a) an email address where anybody can send comments, (b) Senators will be responsible for communicating their unit’s special calendar problems to the committee,  (c) the committee members from the Employee Assembly, Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, and Student Assembly will be responsible for forwarding the concerns of their respective constituencies, (d) the Committee will solicit concerns from all the DUS’s,  (e) the academic deans and provost will be kept in the loop throughout the process, and (f) the DoF website will layout all the issues and concerns.

UFC Breakfast with the Trustees

This happens once a semester and we talked about possible agenda items. Possibilities include university economics (we hear about record donations but there still is a climate of austerity) and support for teaching excellence (there is not enough appreciation for the costs associated with the running of large lecture courses).

Campus Security

On the Senate agenda will be a discussion of where we stand on campus security in light of the recent stabbings. Appropriate members from the administration will be available to answer questions.

Rebranding of the Cornell Plantations

On the Senate agenda will be a discussion and a vote on a resolution to rebrand the Cornell Plantations.

College of Business

On the Senate agenda will be a presentation by the College of Business Deans which will report on the spring time committee work. To be followed by Q&A. Possible topics for the dialog include

  1. How will the CCB respond to President Rawlings’ call for the Faculty to rethink the curriculum?
  2. How might students in Cornell’s other colleges benefit from CCB programs and courses?
  3. How can the values of liberal education be promoted within the CCB’s undergraduate programs?
  4. Are there extra levels of approval required for promotion cases within the CCB and if so, is that a discouraging feature to young faculty?
  5. Is there a negative economic implication for CALS given that the AEM major was one of its largest?
  6. How will the CCB structure facilitate the recruitment of excellent students and faculty?
  7. How popular is the CCB among the alums from the three units?
  8. Has the formation of the CCB prompted a rethink of the Dyson, SHA, and Johnson strategic plans?
  9. Does the creation of the CCB increase the ratio of administrators to faculty at Cornell?
  10. Does the formation of Cornell Tech in 2011 and the College of Business in 2016 signal a new direction for the University?  If so, what might that be?

Oct 12 Senate Meeting Agenda

  1. Consent Items (5 minutes)
  2. Charlie Van Loan on DoF Matters (10 Minutes)
  3. Vice Presidents Joanne de Stefano and Ryan Lombardi will give an update on various issues that surround campus security. (20 minutes)
  4. Professor Jeff Doyle will present a resolution to rebrand the Cornell Plantations. Professor Christopher Dunn (Cornell Plantations Director) and Professor Alan Collmer (Plant Science) will present the pros and cons and answer questions. A vote on the resolution will follow and the result communicated to the Board of Trustees. Here is a support document from the CALS Dean and the Cornell Plantations Director as well as a more detailed rationale. This letter to the Cornell Daily Sun articulates an alternative view.  (20 minutes)
  5. Senior leadership from the College of Business will review all the committee work that took place last spring (35 minutes)

At least one-half of each time allocation is devoted to Q&A.


 1.       DoF Remarks

There is now a committee to rethink the Academic calendar:

There is now a committee to look into transition-to-emeritus issues:

 Both committees will be in the “gathering data + soliciting input” phase during the fall and then will show up in the Sente in the spring with recommendations.

2.       Campus Safety

Joanne deStefano spoke about increased patrols and increased Blue Light services as a result of the Mazaire stabbing. Body cameras for CUPD officers are in the works as is the increased use surveillance video cameras. The latter brought up the concern that the recordings could have a chilling effect on free speech. It was recommended that surveillance-camera changes be made with care and broad consultation. Regarding all-campus email alerts, there is sometimes a delay if the triggering event is off-campus as things must then be routed through the Ithaca Police. Vice President Lombardi has been having conversations about the stabbing with various student groups. The tragedy has prompted a rethink about the protocols for sending out the email alerts and about how to pick up advance signals when trouble is brewing.

An appreciation  of the Cleary act is required to understand some of the deep issues associated with campus safety:

3.       A resolution for renaming “The Cornell Plantations” as “The Cornell Botanic Gardens” passed unanimously. That result was passed on to the Board of Trustees who will consider the matter

at their meeting later this month. The presentation of the resolution by Professors  Jeff Doyle, Alan Collmer, and Christopher Dunn explained the reasons for the new name and stressed harmony with the original Liberty Hyde Bailey  vision.  They also mentioned points of opposition that revolved around motivation, history, and process.

4.       The College of Business Discussion. The five Deans associated with the new unit (Sumitra Dutta, Kate Walsh, Ed McLaughlin, Mark Nelson, Chris Barrett) were on hand to take questions about the current status of the College  and where it is going. Arguments were made about the continuation of the Land Grant mission, the “business of food” as a unifying theme, and various communication, curriculum and research collaboration improvements that are made possible by having everyone under one roof.

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  1. Question from Risa Lieberwitz:
    Did Provost Kotlikoff consult with the UFC prior to announcing a new cross-college/cross-department initiative for faculty recruitment (announced in the Cornell Chronicle on October 17, 2016)? This initiative would fit within the Faculty Senate’s role to consider matters of educational policy across colleges.

    1. No, there was no formal heads up about this initiative as there should be if were about new multi-college degree programs or department realignments. Radical Collaborations is about cross-college research. What is essential during the next year is that the work of each task force be totally visible to the whole faculty. The UFC, Senate, and Provost should figure out just how to do this in the near future.

      Charlie Van Loan

      1. Thanks, Charlie, for the response regarding the Provost’s “Radical Collaborations.” I think it’s important for the UFC, Senate, and Nominations & Election Committee to be involved from the beginning, including creation of task forces and appointments of faculty to the task forces.

        Risa Lieberwitz

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