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UFC December 5 Meeting Agenda

We have a Sanctuary Resolution to consider with these supporting materials:

The Cornell Sanctuary Letter and Petition

DACA Support Statement by College Presidents

Recent NYT Articles

DACA at Columbia

The Calendar Committee is charged with recommending (or not) that the University recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day on its Calendar. The student assembly has voiced its approval. Should we offer a similar resolution  to  the Senate?


UFC December 5 Meeting Minutes

We discussed ways to ensure that we have a good discussion around the  DACA resolution presentation all the while keeping it informal. This is a work on progress with the sponsors of the resolution.

We then spent quite some time talking about various models that exist on campus for funding graduate students. The group thought that this topic is of such central importance that we should organize a senate discussion on the topic. Right now it looks like February will be the time to do this.

We never talked about getting the topic of  Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the December agenda. So it looks like that too will show up in February,


Senate December 14 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Slides

  1. [1 minute] Consent Items
  2. [4 minutes] DoF announcements
  3. [45 minutes]  Sanctuary Campus Resolution and discussion.


Cynthia Bowman (Law) will present the resolution and background to it

Sheri Johnson (Law) will describe the two meetings between representatives from CCID (Cornell Coalition for Inclusive Democracy) and the Cornell Administration

Esmeralda Arrizon-Palomera (Ph.D. candidate, English) will discuss the concerns of undocumented students

Russell Rickford (History) [or another representative from his committee] will describe plans of the CCID Action Group

Cynthia Bowman (Law) will summarize work of the Law and Policy Committee, including organizing law faculty to counsel undocumented students

Elizabeth Anker (English) will discuss issues concerning academic freedom and post-election chilling effects on speech and organization

Senate December 14 Meeting Synopsis

The resolution concerning post-election events and making Cornell a Sanctuary Campus passed by a vote of 49 to 2. Preceeding the vote there was a panel discussion that offered legal and free speech  perspectives. Two students on the panel shared insights about the undocumented student issue. Concerns about the resolution revolved around the endorsement of the  November 18, 2016 petition, “Make Cornell a Sanctuary Campus”. What is  sanctuary? Should Cornell ever turn over student information to the authorities? Are we careful enough about student privacy? There was some feeling that while there is broad agreement with the administration on these matters, we have to make sure there is follow-up and vigilance  as we head into the new year.

The ongoing work of the Calendar committee was reviewed. Major issues were highlighted as identified by the 1000+ comments and emails that have been received. A few possible calendars were offered as a way to prompt discussion. The Committee will prepare a “half time report” that will be publicized at the start of the spring semester. Faculty must pay attention and participate as the committee puts together a proposal next semester.


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